smoliarm (smoliarm) wrote,

Снова стрельба - на этот раз в Мюнхене

GMA: "At Least 8 Dead in 'Possible Terror Attack' at Munich Mall, Manhunt Underway"

По крайней мере 8 убитых, полиция описывает стрельбу как «возможный теракт».
Место стрельбы – крупный торговый центр.

BBC: «Munich shooting: Police say eight dead as manhunt continues»
Police are now describing it as "an acute terror situation". They say the first reports of a shooting in Hanauer Street came in just before 18:00 (16:00 GMT).

ABC News: «At Least 8 Killed in 'Possible Terror Attack' at Munich Mall, Manhunt Underway»

Tags: невиртуальный мир

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