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Учим Английский!

Оригинал взят у ibigdan в For students of English, here is some practice with tenses

Present Simple
Russian soldiers are in Ukraine.

Present Continuous
Russia is invading Ukraine

Present Perfect
Russia has invaded Ukraine

Present Perfect Continuous
Russia has been invading Ukraine since March.

Past Simple
Putin admitted he sent Russian soldiers to Crimea before the Annexation.

Past Continuous
Putin was lying when he said there were no Russian soldiers in Crimea.

Past Perfect
Russian soldiers had been in Crimea since mid February.

Past Perfect Continuous
Putin had been lying about Crimea the whole time.

Future Simple
Putin will admit that Russian soldiers are in Donbas in the near future.

Future Continuous
Ukraine will be fighting against Russia until Putin is gone.

Future Perfect
Ukrainians will have killed many Russian soldiers in Donbas by the end of this month.

Future Perfect Continuous
By the time he is held accountable, Putin will have been lying about his invasions for years.

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